National HIV Testing Day

Since the height of the epidemic in the 1980’s there have been great strides made in the containment and treatment of HIV/AIDS. The total number of new infections has been reduced by over two-thirds (from 130,000 to 50,000 annually). Although this is a great accomplishment there are still far too many people living with this AIDS/HIV. The whole point of National HIV Testing day is to confront the problem far before there are physical and mental implications of the infection. There is a great need for everyone in the United States to not consider themselves immune to contracting such an awful infection that eventually will manifest itself as a life-altering disease.

The Center for Disease Control is offering free HIV screenings all day long, in locations all over the country. If you care about your health take the time to be testing. One hour of your life could end up saving it.

Locate the FREE TESTING SITE nearest you here:

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