CTC Campaigns

CTC Campaigns

Together, the CTC Coalition and the Youth Clubs have developed a variety of creative campaigns to spread the word on drug and alcohol use in the Telluride community. Read below to see what we’ve been up to!

Mental Health

The CTC Student Club was featured on a KOTO Radio Access Show to discuss mental health. Corinne Cavender, TCHNetwork’s Behavioral Health Solutions Executive Assistant, spoke with youth mental health with Tammy Ragan, Communities that Care Administrator, and a member of the CTC club at Telluride High School to talk about the mental health challenges that youth in our community face.

“If They Had Known”

The CTC Student Club presented the film “If They Had Known” to the Telluride High School student body and staff in September 2021. This film educated viewers on the perils of mixing drugs and alcohol. Students, Alex Ambriz and Lulu Pumayalli, facilitated a follow-up discussion with local experts. The panel, (Dr. Koelliker, Undersheriff Covault, County Coroner Emil Sante, and Counselor Mr. Jones) answered questions from the student body about drugs and alcohol and how to prevent a tragedy in Telluride.

Don’t Feed Our Cubs

TCHNetwork and the San Miguel Communities that Care Coalition are leading the efforts to keep our human “cubs” safe by reducing youth’s access to alcohol. According to the Healthy Kids Colorado 2019 data, Telluride youth reported drinking alcohol at a higher rate than their peers across the state. 

Leaf No Trace

This campaign intends to make sure that adults 21+ who use the marijuana dispensaries around town dispose of it responsibly.

The drop box for excess marijuana is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the Telluride Marshal’s office, 134 S. Spruce Street, in Telluride.

Social Norms Campaign

The social norms campaign, led by youth, is developed in order to show that social norms are not always what you would think. By dispelling myths about how many students actually use alcohol and drugs and engage in risky behaviors, the campaign aims to tell a new story about how Telluride youth recreate.

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