Behavioral Health Fund

The Behavioral Health (BH) Fund is intended to help those living and/or working in San Miguel County fund individual therapy services. Starting in 2023, applicants can apply for a scholarship of $110 per session for 6 therapy sessions. Depending on income qualifications, some applicants may be eligible for an additional scholarship of $85 to $100 per session for an additional 6 sessions. The applicant will be responsible for any additional cost beyond the scholarship amount or the approved number of sessions. New applications will be good through the end of 2023 unless there is a change in income, residence, or place of work.

Scholarship and copay levels for applicants approved prior to Dec. 15th, 2022 will be honored until the end date of their approval year. For information on approval status, start and end dates, and remaining session counts, please visit the Behavioral Health Fund ID Lookup page.

Providers must be licensed in the state of Colorado and must be approved for participation in the program before reimbursement can be paid. To check if a provider has been approved, please check out the Approved Provider List. If a provider is not yet on the list, they can apply using the New Provider Application. Providers also must agree to submit reimbursement requests via Tri-County Health Network’s website (HERE).

Tri-County Health Network is the entity which screens and approves these applications.

To apply, click on the button below.

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