West End & Delta Recovery Access Fund

The West End & Delta Recovery Access Fund (RAF) aims to offer financial assistance to individuals who live and/or work in Delta County and the West End of Montrose. This assistance is specifically for those in need of individual mental health counseling or therapy related to substance use issues and recovery. This program is funded for the 2024 & 2025 calendar years. 

2024 Recovery Access Fund-Applications being accepted starting June 10, 2024 

Applicants can apply for a scholarship of $110 per session for the first 6 sessions, regardless of income. Any income level will be approved for the first 6 sessions, but we will inquire about income for informational purposes. After the first 6 sessions, and depending on income, scholarship recipients may be eligible for an additional 6 sessions that will also be reimbursed at $110 per session. The applicant is responsible for any additional cost beyond the scholarship amount or the approved number of sessions. Scholarships can be used within the calendar year unless there is a change in income, residence, or place of work. Tri-County Health Network screens and approves these applications. The total for this fund is $39,270 for the year 2024. The fund may become unavailable should requests meet this mark.


How do I know if I am eligible for the Recovery Access Fund? 

If you live or work in Delta County or the West End of Montrose, excluding Montrose Proper, and are working towards recovery you should qualify. If you have been in recovery and are looking to receive ongoing support, you can also qualify for the Recovery Access Fund.  

I don’t have a provider. How can I find one?  

You can take a look at our Approved Provider List. If you need assistance finding a provider, you can reach out to bhfund@tchnetwork.org

I was approved for a scholarship. When can I use my sessions? 

You can start using your sessions with an approved provider as soon as you receive your approval letter. Your scholarship is valid until December 31st, 2024, unless your income, residence, or place of work changes.

Will my therapy be free? 

It depends on how much your preferred provider charges. The Fund pays $110 per session for approved clients. Some providers may charge a small copay if their session rate is over $110. We recommend checking with your provider to see how much they charge.  

I was approved for the BH Fund, but I’m not sure how many sessions I’ve used. How can I find out? 

You can visit the Behavioral Health Fund ID Lookup Page. Find the BHF ID that was sent to you on your initial approval letter and use the page to look it up. If you don’t know your BHF ID, you can contact us at raf@tchnetwork.org 

How do I apply for an additional six sessions?

To be eligible for an additional six sessions, you/your household must be at or below 400% of the Federal Poverty Line. You can refer to the chart below to see if you may be. If you think you may be eligible, reach out to raf@tchnetwork.org. You will meet with a Behavioral Health Systems Navigator.

I have a provider I already see. Can they be paid through the BH Fund? 

You can check to see if your provider is already approved at our Approved Provider List. If a provider is not yet on the list, they can apply using the New Provider Application

I’m a provider and I’m interested in becoming approved for the BH Fund. What do I need to apply? 

To apply to become a new approved provider, you will need your current Colorado provider’s license and your W9. Provider must be a licensed mental health provider in the State of Colorado and their license must be current and verifiable through DORA. The provider must apply and be approved prior to starting sessions. Providers also must agree to submit reimbursement requests via Tri-County Health Network’s website (HERE). Providers can apply here.

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