Increasing Outreach in Rural Colorado

Affordable and accessible healthcare is something that every person has the right to. Our goal is to assist the people in the four counties we serve(Montrose, Delta, San Miguel and Olathe) in gaining just that. However, in rural Colorado it is often very difficult to continue our outreach successfully. This is why over the past two months we have been making a huge effort to increase our activity on all of our social media sites. Over the past 45 days we have been gaining recognition at a great speed but it simply is not enough, so we’re asking for your help. If you live in our four county region or even in Colorado and you agree that healthcare enrollment is as important as we consider it to be, then help us spread the word! Chances are there people you know or are even close to who do not have affordable or accessible healthcare(or maybe you are that person). Well, that is what we are here for! Your contribution is small and takes very little time but it could mean making a huge impact on someone’s life.

 So here is what we are asking:

Like us on Facebook:


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Inform people you know of who we are and what we do.

Let’s all work together to get coverage for all of Colorado! We certainly cannot do it without your help!

For more information email or call 970.708.7096.

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