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Community Health Workers Provide Wellness Screenings to Local Businesses

When was the last time you received a wellness screening? Tri-County Health Network offers free wellness screenings for residents and employees in San Miguel, Ouray, Montrose, and Delta counties. Our Community Health Workers (CHWs) will give you a small prick in your finger and ask a few questions regarding your health history and diet. Part of the screening determines your risk of diabetes and heart disease in the next 10 years.

After you are screened, we’ll provide you with a printout of your screening results including both good and bad cholesterol (HDL and LDL), triglycerides, blood glucose, BMI, and blood pressure. The CHWs will then work with you to create an individualized action plan for a healthier lifestyle and set achievable goals to improve physical and mental health.

Knowing that economic and social factors can impact your health, we have incorporated a social determinants of health screening to connect clients to local resources—most of which are also free! —that may help clients meet their health-related goals. In addition, we can screen for and refer you to behavioral health support and wellness resources.

We recommend you get re-screened every six months to check for changes in biomarkers and assess health goals. Our CHWs can also provide health coaching to you in between your screenings to keep you motivated and help you continue to make progress on your goals.

Do you own your own business? If so, please contact TCHNetwork to set up an employee wellness screening day to strive towards optimal health in the workplace! We can come to your business at no-cost and work individually with your employees.

For information or to schedule a wellness screening contact your local Community Health Worker:

San Miguel: Ruth Homan at 970-729-8030

Ouray: Karla Cline at 970-708-1012

Norwood & West End: Skitter Jones at 970-239-1806

Montrose & Olathe: Darlene Mora at 970-708-4719

Delta: Angela Bullard at 970-708-0921

-Lily Kiely, Community Health Programs Supervisor

Tri-County Health Network Expanding Award Winning Multicultural Advocacy Programming

Earlier this year, the Colorado Nonprofit Association awarded TCHNetwork with the 2019 Inclusiveness and Racial Equity Award at the Colorado Nonprofit Week Awards Luncheon. This prize is sponsored by the Denver Foundation and recognizes organizations working to engage community members in their health equity work and make racial equity a critical component of their programs… Continue Reading

Adult Teletherapy Services

In a region with a severe shortage of behavioral health specialists — only one mental health provider for every 6,000 individuals — and a staggering one psychiatrist for every 20,000 individuals — there is a significant need to increase access to behavioral health services in our region. Teletherapy helps to fill that void. Teletherapy utilizes videoconferencing communication technology… Continue Reading

Cooking Matters

Cooking Matters is a 6-week evidence-based course that teaches participants how to eat and cook healthy meals while on a budget. Participants cook and eat in class together, take groceries home to make the recipe on their own, are given kitchen essentials throughout the course, and learn how to compare prices, read labels, and much… Continue Reading

September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month!

TCHNetwork has five important events coming up for Suicide Prevention Month. We will collaborate and engage our community members to spread awareness and hope, end the stigma, educate each other on suicide, and raise money for suicide prevention, research, education, advocacy, and support.  To begin, during the week of September 15th, 2019, we are holding free safeTALK suicide prevention… Continue Reading

Immigration and Health

What does immigration have to do with health? What does health have to do with immigration? The more you know about how these two systems relate, the more you realize the answer is everything. Immigration policy IS healthcare policy.Health insurance, through the marketplace or government benefit programs (e.g. Medicaid and Medicare) is not available to… Continue Reading

May Mental Health Month

May has been nationally recognized as Mental Health Month for the past 70 years. A person’s overall emotional and mental functioning can yield great impact on the physical health of their body and vice versa. This connection between the mind and body is extremely fascinating and currently a hot topic for discussion and research. With… Continue Reading

Platicando con Marlen

Marlen Olivas Romero, Navegadora Cultural – Cultural Navigator ¿Que he aprendido de trabajar informando a la comunidad inmigrante? Que a veces en es un reto tratar de llevar información a mucha gente, aun haciendo publicaciones en Facebook o en otros medios, ya que la mayoría de la comunidad latina trabaja todo el tiempo y nunca están al pendiente… Continue Reading

The Value of Marketing in Public Health

According to Mediabistro, a media analytic site, over 40% of consumers claim that information found through social media affects how they deal with their health. As a public health nonprofit, we create and share content to help inform the community about our programs as well as health-related subjects. We strive to share information that is accurate… Continue Reading

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