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Open Enrollment Deadline Quickly Approaches

Open Enrollment Deadline Quickly Approaches

As we wrap up 2021, we have so much to be thankful for and so much more to look forward to in the coming year. I began with Tri-County Health Network as the Social Services Manager in August of this year. In this role, I support our Enrollment Navigation Team. At Tri-County Health Network, we understand the barriers to accessing public assistance benefits. Therefore, we have developed a specialty enrollment navigation team to provide direct assistance to those in need. This team works to break down barriers preventing individuals and families from accessing the services they need.

Navigating the public benefits system can be overwhelming. Our team is here to help understand the processes, fill out necessary applications and follow up along the way. We provide assistance handling appeals, denials and finding alternative options when necessary. We’ll even meet on your terms at the location that serves you best. This is what we do. Connecting our clients with the services they need is our top priority!

We can help with Medicaid, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program ), Energy Outreach Colorado, LEAP and many other emergency assistance programs ( ). We’ve partnered with local medical clinics, hospitals, and other allies in the community to help bring you these services, but our work doesn’t end there. We often help clients who have fallen off benefits, missed notices or encountered other obstacles. Our navigators build lasting relationships with our clients and provide support for the long haul. Let our experienced team help with whatever circumstances or obstacles you may be experiencing with the often-confusing public benefits system. Simply fill out our easy fillable contact form here: Our team will reach out promptly.

Access to these benefits is often met with so many barriers, but what can also be difficult to navigate is Colorado’s Insurance Marketplace, Connect 4 Health Colorado. Each open enrollment season brings changes in plan options as well as rate changes. Right now, due to the CARES Act, rates are some of the lowest we have ever seen. This year there are double the number of plans available compared to last year. That is overwhelming for many of us, but our team can help. Open enrollment ends January 15th, 2022! It is important to reach out to our team as soon as possible and see if you can save yourself money, sign up for insurance, and make sure you are covered. Even if you applied in the past, you may be surprised at how low the rates are right now. After open enrollment ends, you cannot sign up for health insurance on the state’s marketplace without a qualifying life event. You can visit our website and fill out our assistance request form (above) or email us at

We truly love the work we do, and it brings us joy to see people thriving. Here is a recent experience from our staff. A few weeks back one of our navigators received a phone call from a couple whose 6-year-old daughter was diagnosed with autism. The diagnosis was preliminary. They were told they had to go to Children’s Hospital in Denver for an official diagnosis for her to receive the necessary in-home care. The earliest they could get her in was after the new year. You could see the look of frustration and exhaustion on their faces. They said that someone told them to get her on ‘special Medicaid’ and we explained to them they needed to apply for disability through Delta HHS. We assisted them in filling out the application and submitting it and all the supporting documents to the county. We

sadly had to warn them that the process could take up to 90 days. Two weeks later we received an email saying they had been approved and boy were they delighted! The weight of the world had been lifted from their shoulders.

-Bethany Maher, Social Services Manager

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