Health and the Women of the Centennial State

As National Women’s Health Week comes to a close we want to give a big round of applause to the ladies of Colorado. The Colorado Health Institute released a report this morning examining exactly where Colorado women stand in regards to health in comparison with men residents of Colorado and women in the rest of the country. What they found was a number of positive figures that show Colorado Flag_of_Coloradoladies in a fabulous light. Not only are the women of the Centennial State more active than women in other parts of the nation, but they are more likely to be covered by insurance and to have a preventative visits to a doctor’s office.

There are of course improvements that can be made in regards to women’s health in the state. According to the report, Women in Colorado were more likely to experience symptoms of depression than the men of the state. However, that simply gives us something to work towards until National Women’s Health Week rolls around next year.


To see the full report conducted by The Colorado Health Institute visit the link here!

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