Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program

Volunteers Are Critical

Tri-County Health Network’s mission is to collaborate with our communities to improve health for everyone. Volunteers are a critical part of these efforts! Our volunteers help to fill gaps where services don’t exist—delivering meals to students learning from home during COVID, providing companionship to an older adult neighbor, and helping our local food banks get food to community members. Without the valuable contributions of our volunteers, we would not be able to provide the full range of support our community members need to be healthy.

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Program History

TCHNetwork has relied on volunteer support since we launched Cooking Matters in 2015. The need for volunteers grew the following year when we introduced the Palliative Support Services Program. Through this program, we identified different challenges aging and injured residents face while living in our rural communities. Many residents need just a little help to remain independent—whether it be some help shoveling snow, picking up mail, or taking their dog for a walk.

Caretakers also require assistance. It can be a daunting endeavor caring for a loved one who is injured, has mobility issues, or is experiencing dementia. Finding someone to occasionally sit and visit with a loved one allows caretakers to take a well-needed break and enjoy time outside of the house.   

No organization could provide these services, so TCHNetwork worked to coordinate a volunteer force to meet these needs.

Because of our success in coordinating volunteers through our Palliative Support Services Program, in March of 2020, Tri-County Health Network was approached by San Miguel Public Health to help recruit and coordinate volunteers for COVID-19 testing clinics and other public health activities. As the crisis grew, so did the needs of those infected, quarantined, and otherwise affected. In response, TCHNetwork expanded its program, coordinating volunteers to deliver groceries, make and deliver lunches, and provide transportation for community members.

Today, TCHNetwork coordinates volunteers for organizations in the community, such as the Telluride and Norwood Food Banks, as well as for individuals and families in need of assistance.

Volunteer Opportunities

Ready to lend a hand? Choose the opportunity that best fits your schedule. TCHNetwork and our community, thank you in advance!

Contact us at info@tchnetwork.org or call 970-708-7096.

Volunteers at the Norwood Food Bank in February 2021!

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