Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Season is Almost Here!

This year marks the 6th Open Enrollment since Affordable Care Act was adopted into law. Many of the same rules apply meaning you have to fully enroll into an insurance policy every year between November, 1st and December 15th to receive coverage beginning January 1st. If you miss this deadline you still have until January 15th to enroll for coverage beginning February 1st. However, missing the second deadline means that you will be unable to enroll for the entire year!

If you do fully enroll during Open Enrollment, you will be able to adjust your coverage under a few circumstances. These Life Change Events (LCEs) allow someone to change their plan if their income or household changed or they moved to a new area. However, you must be enrolled prior to any LCE to be able to change your enrollment information. Meaning, just moving to Colorado will not allow you to enroll, you must also be insured!

If you have any questions about these changes and need assistance enrolling give TCHNetwork a call at 970-708-7096. One of our local Health Coverage Guides will schedule an appointment to help ensure you understand your plan and how to fully enroll by December 15th! You can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions, Links, and Videos page for helpful resources. 

-Erich Lange, Community Programs Manager at TCHNetwork

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