Digital Storytelling

Tri-County Health Network is proud to partner with the global Digital Storytelling movement, uplifting the voices in our rural communities. Below the gallery is a synopsis of what you will see in the following digital stories submitted by our TCHNetwork team, offering the unique perspective of those working “in the field.”

Lisa’s Story: Local advocate Lisa Eidsmo shares her experience living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Familia: Enrollment Navigator Pedro Maquera traces his remarkable journey from Peru to Telluride and his decision to dedicate himself to serving others. Weights: TCHNetwork Community Health Workers, like Nicole Gans, offer free screenings to people who are uninsured or under-insured. These screenings focus on heart disease, stroke, and diabetes prevention. We often find that the underlying cause of increased risk includes social and emotional factors such as limited economic opportunity, stress, and isolation. In this video, Nicole takes the viewer through her daily routine and a meeting with one particular client named Joe. 73: Aging can be a difficult process.  In this video, Erich Lange, Community Engagement Specialist with Tri-County Health Network, explores the frightening reality of aging in rural Colorado. Will it be the same when he is 73 years old? More or Less: In our fourth video, Erich compares his experience campaigning for better health practices in Cameroon to working with rural communities in southwestern Colorado.

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