Yippy Skippy!

After a brief winter hibernation, Skippy is well rested and back in action for the Spring semester. With all the planning and coordination that Skippy requires it doesn’t even feel like it ever stopped, for me anyway. That’s probably because of the new enhancements the program is piloting this Spring semester. Haven’t you heard? Lots has been happening since the Fall semester.

Skippy Dental, now Skippy+, is going to provide X-Rays, exam by a virtual dentist, enhanced cleanings and restorative care (fillings and interim therapeutic restoration), all from your child’s participating school! Of course, these new services will be in addition to regular services Skippy provided since 2008: sealants, fluoride, cleaning and a take home goodie bag with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Skippy+ is set to roll-out into Telluride Elementary, Intermediate and Middle School as well as Naturita Elementary/Middle schools, in May. Any child that signed up for Fall Skippy will be automatically enrolled this Spring. If you missed the boat, grab a consent form from the school administration and return before the clinic.

It’s vital your child maintains a 6-month dental check up with a local dentist. Whether that is a dentist with our Skippy program or another local provider, he or she needs to have their teeth checked regularly to ensure a healthy mouth. It isn’t always easy to keep up this habit and that’s why Skippy is here to help. Our partnering schools are strong supporters of Skippy and recognize the importance of maintaining access to dental care. Without Skippy, many of our local children would go without their 6-month checkups! Many parents have shared how easy it is to have their child see a dentist in their school. Skippy helps parents avoid driving for dental care in addition to taking time off work and school. Through Skippy, these students receive their necessary dental care and are back in their classroom in about 30 minutes! With the convenience of the program, it’s no wonder kids and parents say, Yippy Skippy!

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