Stories from the Field

At the Tri-County Health Network, we place a premium on community engagement and, in this regard, statistics can only tell part of the story. In this series, which we have tentatively titled “Stories from the Field,” we hope to bring personal stories of community engagement from “our boots on the ground”—our Health Coverage Guides, eNavigators, and Community Health Workers — across the Tri-County region.

Nicole Gans, Community Health Worker– Telluride

“A client I have been working with sent me the following in a sweet little card:

‘Nicole, I just have to drop a quick note to say thank you for your kindness. It has helped me so much. At times you feel so alone and a caring person can change it all. Thank you!’

The client has an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder and has faced numerous barriers while pursuing medical care to find out what it is and/or how to treat symptoms. After meeting regularly the client has become much more active in health management – the client has visited two specialists and is on a new medication that is beginning to reduce some of her symptoms. The client also borrowed the CDSMP book and added several tools into the self-management routine. Yay!”

Deon Tempfer, Senior Services Coordinator– Westend

“As I wrap up the month and reflect on how the people in the West End have impacted me with their kindness and willingness to improve their health, I have seen a significant drop in the community’s cholesterol, diabetes, weight through their participation in the Healthy Living classes, and Cooking Matters.  It is all tied together and being part of this has been very satisfying.  Thanks for everything”

Darlene Mora, Community Health Worker– Olathe

“As a bilingual Community Health Worker for the Tri-County Health Network, I attended the annual ‘Hang with Dad for a Day’ event at the Montrose Fairground on June 20, 2015. I wanted to reach out to members of my community and to share information about free confidential screening which include: Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Height/Weight and Health Information to all participants at the event both in English and in Spanish.

At the event, I met Caitlin, editor for Montrose Mirror, we spoke for a while about what I was doing and she mentioned it was nice for me to be able to speak two languages to reach out to my community. She asked if she could take my photo, which included my co-worker Carol Schutter.

Caitlin published our story in the Montrose Mirror as an Honorable Mention “to Darlene Mora, Community Health Worker, for speaking two languages and serving the community.” Being mentioned in my community newspaper was an honor and being able to help both in English and Spanish has always been a passion of mine.

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