Wellness Screening

Program Origin

Tri-County Health Network began offering wellness screenings in 2012 as an initiative to reduce cardiovascular risk in our communities. The screenings have evolved and become more comprehensive with the addition of nutrition guidance and health coaching.

A Visit with a Community Health Worker Sets You Up for Success

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are available in our region to give residents the knowledge and tools they need to improve their health and wellbeing. While adopting a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, our CHWs work with each client individually to discuss goals and to make an action plan.

What to Expect at Your Wellness Screening?

You will arrive at a convenient, private, and comfortable location where you will be welcomed by a CHW. During your appointment, CHWs will determine a heart risk score to help identify whether you are at risk for heart-related health ailments currently or in the future with a small prick of your finger. After you are screened, you will be provided with a printout of your screening results including:

  1. Total Cholesterol, LDL and HDL
  2. Triglycerides
  3. Blood glucose
  4. BMI, height and weight
  5. Blood pressure
  6. HgA1c

The CHWs will then work with you to create an individualized action plan for a healthier lifestyle and set achievable goals to improve physical and mental health. Nutrition guidance is also weaved into that plan. We then brainstorm to identify any barriers to meeting your health-related goals and our CHWs will connect you to local resources- most of which are also free! – to help you overcome those barriers.

Other programs from TCHNetwork that can help you achieve your action plan include Cooking Matters, a cooking course designed to teach you how to cook healthy on a budget, and FoodRX which helps you purchase fruits and vegetables affordably.

Schedule a Wellness Screening Today!

Make 2021 the year you take charge of your health. Forget the trendy diet and start fresh with a FREE wellness screening. Our team of Community Health Workers is available every Thursday from 8am-5pm around the region. Click below to make an appointment at the location nearest you or contact your local CHW directly. If you’d like to meet on a different day no problem. Our CHW’s have the flexibility to meet when it’s most convenient for you.

Day City & LocationTimeCHWContact
Mondays and
Our Town Matters
1245 E Main Street
17 N 6th Street
Walk-ins welcome
Wilkinson Public Library
100 W Pacific Avenue


How Often Should You Get Screened?

We recommend you get re-screened every six months to check for changes in biomarkers and to assess health goals. Our CHWs can also provide health coaching to you in between your screenings to keep you motivated and help you continue to make progress on your goals.

We have Community Health Workers serving the counties of Ouray, San Miguel, Delta, Montrose, and the West End of Montrose. Please contact the CHW nearest you or click below to register now.

Bringing Wellness Screenings to YOU

Our CHWs are also available to come to a business or an organization and provide wellness screenings on-site to your employees! By helping your employees take control of their health and connecting them with resources to support their wellbeing, you are helping them create a healthier work life balance.

In the next year, our Community Health Workers will continue to meet people where they are to offer screenings. Look for our presence on-site at area food banks later in 2021!

Learn more about our Healthy Thursdays initiative in our conversation with KOTO Telluride!

Montrose, Olathe, Ridgway & Ouray
Darlene Mora
Spanish-speaking | hispanohablante
Telluride & Norwood
Ruth Homan

Program Distinctions: This service is made possible through the generous support of Health Resources and Services Administration and the participation of Colorado Heart Healthy Solutions.

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