Letter to TCHNetwork Summer 2020

Dear TCHNetwork,
It has been such a tough year for everyone. The pandemic and the economic recession have been so hard for me. To make matters worse I come from a family of immigrants. While many of my friends are able to count on money from the government during COVID-19, my family does not qualify for a stimulus check, food benefits, or medical benefits. To make matters worse, it seems like the country is trying to limit the voice and power of immigrants. They are trying to gather private; I think protected, information from the 2020 Census and ignore the needs of hardworking residents. They even want to end DACA while Hispanic Heritage Month is just around the corner. My family and I are having a tough time trying to care for ourselves without any support, all while being on the front lines at work. To be honest, it’s difficult to feel like valued community members and to have a sense of pride right now. Is there any way Tri-County Health Network can help people like us?Saludos,


Hi M,

Thank you for your heartfelt letter. Over the course of the pandemic, we have had the opportunity to work with families that have mixed immigration statuses. You are correct that immigrants do not have the same level of support as citizens. There are a few cases where assistance can still be provided. For example, if you have a child that is a citizen, you may be eligible to receive SNAP benefits (food stamps) for the entire family. Undocumented immigrants are also eligible to receive emergency Medicaid in dire situations. In a case where someone is deemed ineligible for emergency Medicaid, immigrants can still apply for sliding scale discounts for medical services. If you need help weighing your options or require assistance with enrollment, the Multicultural Advocacy team is here to help with bicultural and bilingual staff members.

TCHNetwork also administers the Good Neighbor Fund. These resources come from donors and are not tied to any federal program. This means we can award grants to eligible applicants regardless of immigration status. If you find that you or your friends and family are in financial need during these times, please visit https://tchnetwork.org/gnf-application/ and fill out an application. Of course, we are available to assist if needed.

You also bring up a great point on the national narrative surrounding the immigrant community. The current administration is aggressively pursuing an agenda that seeks to denigrate the representation of Latinxs across the country. While there has been limited, yet controversial, success in rescinding DACA, changing the public charge rule, and removing immigrants from the 2020 Census, it has created a sense of insecurity and fear for non-citizens. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we disseminate accurate information to our fellow members of the Latinx community. If you have any questions when it comes to accepting public services, please do not hesitate to reach us at 970-708-7096. There are many organizations across the states that are fighting for racial justice daily. Tri-County Health Network is one of them. We recognize that immigrants are an invaluable part of our community and are essential to our economy, our rich culture, and identity as a country.


The TCHNetwork Team

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