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  The Transcultural Bridge: Building Individual & Institutional Cultural Capacity
  • Date: Tuesday, 10/22
  • Time: Training from 1pm-4pm, Lunch from 12-1pm
  • Location: Program Room at Wilkinson Public Library, Telluride,


    The Transcultural Bridge: Building Individual & Institutional Cultural Capacity:

The Transcultural Bridge is a training designed for nonprofit professionals, local government administrators, anyone working or interacting with people of other cultures and backgrounds. At the Telluride Library, we will gather for an afternoon of deepening our understanding of culture and how to bridge differences. Please join the Tri-County Health Network team for lunch at noon. The training will begin at 1pm. The training is designed and facilitated by Kevin John Fong of Elemental Partners.

Training goals:

  • Explore the concept of Othering and Belonging, both in a personal and community context
  • Develop skills to manage and prevent othering
  • Explore the dynamics and behaviors that create barriers to communicating with diverse groups
  • Provide tools and practices to work toward positive outcomes
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