Event Registration


  • Date: May 30th, 2020
  • Time: Anytime
  • Location: Anywhere


These are challenging times for all of us in the face of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. High school seniors have missed out on their final months with their classmates, extracurricular activities and the many traditions that come along with graduation. 

Friends and family have lost their jobs and are worried about finding work when the economy reopens. Who can predict what the new normal will be?  Many of us are struggling to pay bills, home school children, and find enough food to put on the table each day. 

It is no wonder that anxiety, depression, social isolation, and fears of the future have become commonplace.

Slip on your running shoes, stretch out your muscles and hit the road, track, treadmill or trail! Sounds impossible? Nah…you’ve got this. Imagine the endorphins you will feel not only from the exercise but from knowing the funds you are raising go directly to help individuals afford mental health treatment and therapy.


You can even walk it and still have plenty of time for a short nap, a bite to eat, and a chance to binge watch some more NETFLIX.  If you want, you can keep track of your miles using any fitness application, take a picture of you every mile and post to social media, and know that you are raising monies to support mental wellness in our community.  Or create a relay team and split up the miles among you.

Reach out to family, friends, work colleagues, and other community members to sponsor your participation in this event. We’ve made it easy with our own GoFundMe page.

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