Skippy in 2018

2018 has been a great year for TCHNetwork’s Skippy Dental Program, we provided preventive dental services to 519 patients! Our staff worked hard to facilitate 49 clinic days at 10 local schools and a few adult clinics for the Mexican American Development Association (MADA) and at a local Latino Wellness Fair. 

This past year, we completed a record number of virtual dental exams and ensured that 194 children received at least 1 preventive sealant to ward off future cavities. In total, 237 children were identified as having at least 1 cavity and need of follow up for treatment. The most exciting service Skippy is now offering is primary restorative care through our ‘pop-up’ restorative community clinic. This new service ensures children who were unable to receive treatment at a local dentist could receive fillings after their Skippy visit a few weeks earlier. Overall, 2018 saw Skippy Dental take a big step forward for children and our adult community across our region. We look forward to 2019 and increasing access to dental services in our communities. 

-Erich Lange, Community Programs Manager 

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