Cooking Matters

Cooking Matters

What is Cooking Matters? Cooking Matters courses teach participants about a variety of exciting topics, including how to grocery shop and cook healthy meals while on a budget, how to involve your family in the kitchen, how to eat healthy snacks, and so much more. Each recipe made in class is meant to feed a family of four for $10.

The curriculum exposes participants to nutrition lessons, meal preparation, and food budgeting. The interactive classroom also encourages participants to share and discuss their knowledge and barriers to adopting healthier nutrition. Camaraderie is found in this setting as participants meet each other, make food, and share a meal together.

Added bonus – each participant receives a bag of groceries to replicate the meal they’ve created – at home!

Call 970-708-7096 or email for more information or to collaborate on organizing a course!

Participants say…

“Cooking Matters is a hands-on learning experience with a heaping portion of heart and soul. Getting to know your neighbors around a communal table, while eating the fruits of your labor, is a joyous experience. I was surprised that not only do these classes teach nutrition and cooking, but everyone walks away with a bag of groceries to share with their own families at the end of class. I’ve never been to a class, like Cooking Matters, where experts share their knowledge so closely and so intimately— for our Ouray class, our instructor Honga blew us away with her expertise.”

History of Cooking Matters

For 20 years, Cooking Matters has empowered families with the skills to stretch their food budgets and cook healthy meals so their children get nutritious food at home.

Cooking Matters has been featured by First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign and recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for excellence in nutrition education. The Walmart Foundation is the national sponsor of Cooking Matters.

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