Letter to TCHNetwork: Winter 2021

Letter to TCHNetwork: Winter 2021

Dear TCHNetwork,

Every year I make a promise to myself that this will be the year when I finally take care of my health. 2020 was hard in so many ways that I just didn’t have the energy to focus on my health goals. Like many others, I was furloughed from my job early in the pandemic and spent much of my time job searching and working side gigs to stay afloat. Even though I had hoped to make a positive change in my lifestyle to focus on my health, it just didn’t happen. I know that if I don’t take action now, I face an elevated risk for a heart attack. I know that I can do better, but I don’t know where to start. How can I make sure this is the year that things go differently for me?

-Tired in Telluride

Dear Tired,

Thank you for writing. Your situation is relatable for so many but that does not mean it has to remain your reality. It can be difficult to know where to start when trying to make changes to your lifestyle, especially when finances are tight. Taking charge of your health requires a few key tools and Tri-County Health Network can help at no cost to you!

This January and February, members of our Community Health Worker (CHW) team will be stationed around the region every Thursday, all day! They are also available other weekdays upon request. At these COVID safe appointments, our team can provide wellness screenings, nutrition counseling and health coaching. Wellness screenings include: blood glucose level, total cholesterol (LDL and HDL), triglycerides, blood pressure, and HgA1C. Based on these measurements, the CHW also provides a heart risk score that helps identify if you are at risk for heart related health alignments currently or in the future. To help you stay healthy, we provide nutrition advice and health coaching based on your individualized health goals. After your first appointment, our CHWs will check in with you periodically, based on the goals you set, to see how you are doing and help you overcome any obstacles you may be experiencing. You’ll have the baseline information and accountability along the way to continue making progress toward your goal.

Our CHW team is dedicated to your health. You can sign up for a free health screening at any time during the year or schedule a time to speak about nutrition and health goals. We are always here for you and are eager to help you be your healthiest self!



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