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Mental Health First Aid Agency of the Year

Pictured above: MHFA Instructors Erich Lange, Paul Reich and Ben Marshall of Tri-County Health Network (missing from photo, Kody Gerkin), which was recognized as the 2018 Organization of the Year by Mental Health First Aid Colorado in October. Mental Health Matters!  To each of us as individuals.  To our families and friends.  To our communities.  And, of course, to Tri-County… Continue Reading

Somos Uno Telluride

Somos Uno Telluride is a leadership development program that TCHNetwork facilitated with the support from the Colorado Health Foundation. This program aims to improve the health and leadership and advocacy skills of the Latino and Latino ally population in San Miguel County.The most recent graduating class completed the program at the end of last year… Continue Reading

Domestic Violence Awareness Month (Guest Post)

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and during this time, not only is it important to raise awareness about the dynamics and prevalence of domestic violence, but also we want to highlight the associations between domestic violence and mental health in order to underscore why Mental Health Matters.The National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma and… Continue Reading

Gold Beads and My Dad (Guest Post)

On a beautiful September day in Telluride I chose to wear gold beads as I walked down Colorado Avenue.  Why gold?  I wore the strand of plastic gold beads because I lost my Dad to suicide in August 2014, just before the start of my junior year at college.  The next day, the world learned… Continue Reading


Food Rx: Treating the Whole Patient with Whole FoodsFor local residents in rural, Southwestern Colorado, fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices are hard to come by. Budgets are squeezed further when a member of the family is diagnosed with a chronic illness, requiring time off from work and frequent trips to the clinic or… Continue Reading

Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters. Well, of course it does. Those of us who work in the field of mental health, even non-professionals such as me, or those who are only on the periphery of the topic, would find little to argue with the premise that “Mental Health Matters.”  There are numerous statistics that remind us of… Continue Reading

Skippy is in Schools Near You!

Skippy’s mission is to provide children ages 0-18 with school-based, oral health services while reducing the time spent away from the classroom. Parents can enroll their children for services through this electronic consent form. These services include: cleaning, exam, fluoride treatment, protective sealants, interim temporary restorations, hygiene education, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and fillings. For children in… Continue Reading

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Season is Almost Here! This year marks the 6th Open Enrollment since Affordable Care Act was adopted into law. Many of the same rules apply meaning you have to fully enroll into an insurance policy every year between November, 1st and December 15th to receive coverage beginning January 1st. If you miss this… Continue Reading

Speaking of Suicide (Guest Post)

AUGUST 31, 2018 BY MOUNTAIN FAMILY By Joe Sammen, Executive Director, Center for Health ProgressThe first time my dad attempted suicide, I was shocked, devastated, deeply saddened, and angry. When it happened again just nine months later, I felt confused, and like I had little power to prevent another attempt. That was two years ago this… Continue Reading

What I learned after I lost 2 brothers to suicide (Guest Post)

Please read through this powerful post taken from the Mental Health First Aid USA blog. We encourage you to check their page regularly, as they are always posting informative content. If you’re interested in signing up for a Mental Health First Aid or Youth Mental Health First Aid class, please call 970-708-7096 or email… Continue Reading

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