Event Videos

Community in Solidarity – January 15, 2017
Community in Solidarity was a call to community members and leaders to discuss the emerging political climate and how the community is uniting to support all community members regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or immigration status. The event enjoyed an overwhelming community turn-out. A very emotional room – all in attendance were aware of the love and support present. Tough questions were addressed, and there was a call to action for our entire community to remain alert and involved.


La Adogado de Inmigracion – January 13, 2017
En colaboración con la Biblioteca Pública Wilkinson de Telluride y Maria Belen Albuja representando Albuja Law, LLC. Les presentamos los videos, La Abogada de Inmigración (Imigration Attorney Series). Este evento es gratuito y proporcionado a miembros de nuestra comunidad para que hagan preguntas sobre sus derechos legales, liberen sus dudas y hagan sus comentarios a Maria Belen Abuja. Todo información es anónima y es grabado para tener la oportunidad de aprender y poder compartirlo en todo momento.

In collaboration with Wilkinson Public Library and Maria Belen Abuja with Albuja Law, LLC we bring you the recorded La Abogada de Inmigracion series (Imigration Attorney Series). This event provides anonymous community members to ask questions for free legal advice from Maria Belen Abuja and is recorded to ensure others the opportunity to learn vital information.

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