Palliative Care

What is Palliative Care?

80% of Americans want to die at home. However, only 20% of Americans are able to fulfill that wish. End-of-life care, home-based medical services, and in-home support and homemaker services are sorely lacking in our community. This lack of services forces many community members to leave the place they’ve called home for decades against their wishes  just to access the care they need. Palliative care focuses on improving the symptoms, dignity, and quality of life for people approaching the end of their lives, and caring and supporting their families and friends. Age is not a determining factor – palliative is about the quality of life when living with a serious illness. Learn more by watching this video: Click Here.

What is TCHNetwork’s Palliative Care Program?

There is hope. Tri-County Health Network launched our Palliative Care Program in 2016 to provide in-home health services, care, and support to patients facing a life-threatening illness.

The mission of the Palliative Care Program is to transform the experience of community members living with serious disease and their caregivers through equal access to exceptional medical and support services emphasizing comfort, compassion, and dignity. Our palliative care services focus on enhancing the quality of life for patients and caregivers through deep collaboration between families, friends, neighbors, volunteers, and communities. Imagine having a partner with dementia and being able to access respite care. Imagine healing from a heart attack and knowing a volunteer will bring you the food you need from the grocery store. Imagine fighting cancer, and knowing that a team of volunteers is here to help you with household chores. Together – we can make this a reality! If you are interested in volunteering for our Palliative Care Program, please contact 970-708-7096

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