Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Tri-County Health Network Envisions Communities That Are Vibrant and Healthy Where Everyone has the Opportunity and Ability to Thrive

From Our Beginning – Championing Social Equity

Tri-County Health Network understands that health is more than biometrics. Because of this, we have focused on addressing obstacles to achieve social equity in the region. There have been multiple studies on the impact that race, gender, sexual orientation among other protected classes can have on a person’s health. In order to provide our community with a holistic solution, we recognize that an approach that focuses on individual identity and access in our region is necessary to create sustained personal wellbeing. TCHNetwork through its Multicultural Advocacy team continuously seeks to champion diversity, equity, & inclusion internally and externally by partnering with organizations and collaborating with community leaders.

Program History

In an effort to be an accessible resource to the entire community, Tri-County Health Network has prioritized having bilingual support available to Spanish speakers since 2012. Outside of being linguistically inclusive, in 2016, TCHNetwork pivoted to an advocacy driven approach that included the formation of the Latino Advocacy Committee (LAC). LAC is comprised of a broad spectrum of community members from a variety of sectors including education, government, non-profit, and local business. LAC helps ensure that Latinx community members are receiving or are aware of community-wide support available to them. Additionally, LAC has consistently elevated Spanish speakers in the region by coordinating education and awareness events on their behalf.

In line with its increased role as an advocate, TCHNetwork founded Somos Uno Telluride (SUT), a group of monolingual and bilingual community members, with the goal of empowering Latinx in the area. The intention of SUT is to promote the leadership of Latinx and allies of the Latinx population that live and work throughout San Miguel County. When LAC was formed, the original members attended extensive leadership training.

In 2019, Tri-County Health Network recognized there was a need to create more consistent education on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) in the community. By offering DEI training, TCHNetwork was able to offer educational opportunities that build upon one another. Additionally, these training can be delivered virtually or in-person at the request of an organization, meaning they are readily available for community members.

Recent Success

The year 2020 has been challenging for everyone, but it has disproportionally affected marginalized communities. The inequities that exist have only been further highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic recession. We have taken this moment to further engage with our Spanish speaking community members to identify gaps in services and opportunities to aid.

Outside of assisting the community with medical, food, and financial needs, we have continued to provide educational opportunities for the area by hosting a community-wide presentation on COVID-19 and its impact on disadvantaged populations. We also have had the opportunity to conduct DEI training with San Miguel County, the Town of Mountain Village, and the Town of Telluride.

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