Joe’s Excellent Healthcare Adventure


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TCHNetwork supports programs providing available, accessible and affordable healthcare in San Miguel, Ouray and Montrose Counties.


To truly understand the scope and impact of our programs, read “Joe’s Excellent Healthcare Adventure” to see how TCHNetwork’s programs can help one child and his family improve their health!

Meet Joe
Joe is an upstanding gentleman of 12 years of age who lives in the San Miguel area. He attends the local school and enjoys all of San Miguel's many traditions, including skiing, mountain biking, and Brown Dog Pizza.
The Adventure Begins with a Toothache...
Unlike many children his age, Joe suffers from a nasty toothache that is causing him to lose focus at school. He doesn’t have dental insurance and financially money is tight at home so Joe does not see a dentist for regular check-ups—fortunately today just so happens to be a “Skippy Day” at his school.


San Juan Kids Cavity Prevention Program (SKIPPY)

A $9 donation will purchase supplies for 1 student


Skippy is mobile school-based program providing preventive oral health services (limited exam, cleaning, sealants, fluoride) to local school kids, regardless of ability to pay. Next year Skippy is poised to offer mobile x-ray services as well!
Currently Skippy serves 4 counties treating over 1200 children annually. Our data shows that for children who routinely attend Skippy, we have been able to reduce and keep the percentage of children with untreated decay to 20%, 9% below the national average!
A donation of $9 will help to purchase the necessary supplies for one child to be seen at Skippy.



A $20 donation will support enrollment of 1 family

At the Skippy clinic, Jeanne, TCHNetwork’s registered dental hygienist, has detected possible decay and is recommending that Joe be seen by dentist for follow-up care. Carol, the TCHNetwork eNavigator, identified that Joe does not have insurance so when she calls Joe’s parent’s, Dick and Jane, to inform them that Joe needs to see a dentist she also shares that she can help the family enroll in affordable health insurance. Dick and Jane arrange a time to meet after work hours at the local library with Carol who provides personal education and enrollment assistance and helps Joe’s family enroll in Medicaid.
TCHNetwork has a team of certified enrollment Navigators (eNavs) and Health Coverage Guides (HCGs) providing personalized education and enrollment assistance at convenient community locations to local individuals/families for enrollment in entitlement programs (Medicaid/CHP+/SNAP) , and those offered through the Colorado marketplace. Cumulatively, the enrollment team has assisted 3050+ people in enrolling in and retaining health coverage.
A donation of $20 will help support the enrollment efforts of helping one family navigate the enrollment process.



A donation of $25 will provide 1 round-trip to a healthcare appt

Now that Joe has affordable health insurance coverage, his parents schedule an appointment with a dentist for follow-up care, but Jane needs the family car for work on the day of his appointment. No problem; the TCHNetwork Regional Medical Shuttle (RMS) can get Joe to his dental appointment.
RMS is a free non-emergency shuttle service that provides area residents with transportation to medical providers in Montrose and Grand Junction; enabling access to medical care not provided in our region. Since its inception, over 620 patients have been shuttled.
A donation of $25 will ensure one rider can get to his medical appointment via the shuttle.



Donation of $12 will ensure a family can take home a “starter” bag of groceries

After his important dentist appointment, Joe returns home to Telluride and considers the sage advice of his dentist to “Eat your vegetables!” Like many working families in America, Joe and his parents do not have the skills nor budget to prepare a nutritious and healthy meal. They head to the grocery store in hopes of learning as they go. Then, Joe spots a flyer for a TCHNetwork Cooking Matters class.
TCHNetwork offers the Cooking Matters program, which for the past 20 years has empowered families with the skills to stretch their food budgets and cook healthy meals at home. Program participants join a hands-on, six-week cooking-based nutrition education program that provides individuals with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to identify and prepare healthy and affordable meals.
A donation of $12 will ensure a family can take home a “starter” bag of groceries.



A $15 donation will cover a biometric screening for 1 of your neighbors



A $50 donation ensure a Patient Health Navigator has all the educational tools he or she needs



A $15 donation will ensure 1 student receives curriculum materials

Dick is truly motivated to reduce his risk of becoming diabetic and has been working with PHN Pam to ensure he is on track to meeting his identified goals for improved health. To further his knowledge-base and retain his targeted healthy lifestyle, Dick enrolls in a local TCHNetwork Chronic Disease Self Management Program (CDSMP).
TCHNetwork’s PHNs and CHWs are trained to teach this evidenced-based program developed by Stanford University. The six- week course is held once per week and teaches self-management techniques such as development of achievable weekly action plans, ideas for communicating needs, label reading and peer support. Adults who have a chronic condition and/or who are caregivers for anyone with chronic conditions are invited to attend the workshops.
A donation of $15 will ensure that program participants receive a copy of ““Living Life Well with Chronic Conditions” book.


Stay Healthy and Happy like Joe and His Family

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